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"Filming the SBS TV show Filthy Rich & Homeless – where I experienced forms of homelessness alongside homeless communities in Sydney for 10 days – showed me we’re at a crisis point for housing in Australia right now.

If I walk 500 metres in any direction from my door in central Sydney, I encounter folks sleeping rough or living out of tents in parks. However, homelessness isn’t always obvious or visible. Couch surfing, crisis accommodation, dossing, sleeping on overnight trains and even renting boarding houses are all forms of insecure accommodation.

Right now, there are 44,000 homeless people under 25 in Australia. That’s 38% of all homeless people in Australia. 14% of all homeless people are under 12. LGBTIQ young people are even more vulnerable, and we’ve got 60,000 people on the waiting list for social housing in NSW alone.

Benjamin Law. Author and Journalist, StreetSLEEP Ambassador

It’s easier to solve problems when you work together as a team. When the property and construction industry comes together it can build welcoming and nurturing homes for young people without a safe place to sleep. These are places where young people are truly able to transform their lives.

Like many Australians, I’m committed to making a difference on this issue. On World Homeless Day – 10 October – you can too. Join Property Industry Foundation’s StreetSLEEP 2019 in your city and raise money to build homes for homeless youth."

Benjamin Law. Author and Journalist, StreetSLEEP Ambassador

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